Sunday, July 18, 2010


So You Think You Can Dance has started again and here is one of my favorite routines so is so stinking adorable I could die :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

how much time?

Wanna know how much time has past since you last saw me? just think back to how you last remembered my hair and how short it take a look at the photo :) that is how much time.
I have gotten one trim since i moved to Cali, it is almost touching my shoulders and I can now put my hair in a pony tail. My hair hasn't been this long in 3 years. amazing how time flys..or in this case grows :) :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birthday...The Big 25!

A Quarter of a century old...the big 25 I finally made it. I am no longer in the early 20 category, I am now MID 20's.....but it was celebrated with style. I showed up to work to find balloons, cupcakes and princess Tiaras. It was such a surprise.

My co-workers are very fond of nicknames. Mine is ...Cha Cha ...which I love :)

no matter how old I get, I will never be grown up enough to not love the Princesses

I was able to get off work early and get paid for the hours I wasn't there as a gift from the office, and it will be followed up tonight with Yogurt land, my new favorite frozen yogurt place. A big birthday bash will be held to celebrate mine and a couple of my friends birthdays on Saturday, so more photos to come then :)
Thanks to all my friends and family for the happy birthday wishes and all the wonderful gifts. 25 years have been made awesome because of you :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

City Lights Ball

So I had my first Dance Competition with The Bay Area Elite on Friday, and it was such a rush to be back in the competition scene. We danced three numbers A Tango Showpiece, A Latin Medley and a Standard Medley I was able to dance in the Tango and Latin and those two routines placed first and second! and our Standard medley took 3rd. It was such a great feeling to sweep the competition. Now we are working hard for our DisneyLand tour, where we will compete against BYU and perform in the park.

Desiree and the three trophies of the night :)

Had to get a pic of me and all my dance partners. My first comp in over 5 years, couldnt have done it without them :)

Castle Rock

Last Saturday I went on a really fun double date to a place called Castle Rock. It is this awesome rock formation that appears out of no where in the middle of the trees. We had a lot of fun climbing around the rocks.

Me and My date Luke
(I have been practicing the "hold the camera at arms length and get a shot of you and friend" trick, i still need some practice but these came out ok )

Me and Mike

Ashley and I (with Mike poking his head into the pic)

The Boys made it to the top, the rocks were to slippery for Ashley and I. Next time I'll make it to the top :)